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Piano Tiles 2 Applied Play Piano In Music

You will become a reluctant pianist, personally beat up the good music and romantic for everyone to enjoy. Law is very simple game, players only need to press all the keys on the screen to complete the track. This android game piano tiles or other games of the same genre is that you will have to press the keys appear quickly and the rhythm of the song.

Classic Mode.

Try to achieve 50 pitches in the shortest period of time.

Arcade Mode.

In this mode, the step over the black box is the winner. The speed will increase gradually and step through each line of tiles is your challenge.

Zend Mode.

In Zend Mode option you will be 15 seconds, 30 seconds or Pro to step over the lines of bricks. In this mode if you step over the line 150 tiles, you will be rewarded with more 10s.


Players have the time of 1 minute, try to hit the most out of the black box can. Setting out a record without the player who can pass.
Piano Tiles  2 (Do not Tap The White Tile 2) is improved, quality sound systems and are integrated globally competitive mode, it will surely bring you the more interesting challenge .
The gameplay is quite simple, you just touch the black bars, each time touching the black bar game will emit a musical note, but the rhythm of the game is pretty fast so you press the wrong out is common place, nothing is surprising. In this version the game is upgraded, changed markedly in terms of sound image makes it an indispensable when idle.
Link download free:

Download the game hack 2 Piano Tiles (Do not Tap … 2) for Android

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